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Episode 4: Would You Bang Bonnie Lythgoe?

The show deemed "Too inside" has returned for

another week. The team is joined in studio by

"Correspondent to the stars" Michael Tye to discuss

all the fallout fromthe Royal Rumble as well as what

did and didn't work, we look further into the Sheamus
experiment, Fresh books the road to Wrestlemania;

we look at Brett Hart's performance on this week’s Raw,

Demirov poses the question "Was the attitude era a

fluke?” The announced demise of ECW and what

should be in its place, UFC 109 and we discuss if
Randy Couture is still a draw, the announcement of

next week’s mystery guest and which upcoming indy

show final pushes the team over the edge.

On ExtenZe: The Rockefeller murder and the dark

side of the swinging lifestyle, which members of the

DCW team went to school with a possible murderer,

German Cannibals, Football drug scandals and we

finish up with analysis of The Biggest Loser &

So You Think You Can Dance.

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