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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

Walker, Gambino, Jonesy, Tye and Mikey Jay (The NWO C Team according to Walker) are on the panel for another week of general bitching and rumour starting.


This Week:

Walker really misses Demirov, Is Herbie dodging DCW? The Nexus angle is slowly dying, Why 6 man title matches suck, Is Sheamus a fake Irishman? Why did Serena get released and what price is loyalty in WWE? Gambino Facebook stalks Sean Waltman's daughter, Foley has a bit of a cry, Why RVD's contract was a stupid idea, Walker pontificates on where the Nash/Sting vs Jarret/Hogan angle is going, How bad did Lashley look in his first MMA loss and we preview UFC118.

In Aussie wrestling:

We review NAW without having actually seen it, Reena Christina's new pants, The ACW show and thoughts on Danny Psycho as champion, Someone escapes from Alpha and possibly gets blacklisted, Mrs Jenkings fascination with Fresh and team DCW continues. We then grill Mikey on a wide range of topics such as booking the last Wrestlerock, why he got into the production side of the business, people calling him two faced and untrustworthy, who he thinks is the real problem in Alpha, booking for ACW, the lack of loyalty in Melbourne, punching women, People trying to get shows cancelled, The booking of Tommy Hellfire as champion, why he brought in Ryan Eagles, who said no to ACW and who will eventually take is place in Australian wrestling.


On ExtenZE

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