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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

Gambino rejoins the panel as well discuss Summerslam and where we think the Nexus angle is going, making Heath Slater tolerable, Why Melina looks like Big Bird, is WWE trying to re-educate the crowd or prevent injuries? The good and the bad of TNA's 'The Whole F'n Show", why Janice is stupid, the fan who was the highlight of the show, Walker's microphone almost kills him, how Lance Cade's death will affect Linda McMahon's senate run, Tiffany goes mental and we speculate about Drew McIntyre's meat axe.


In Local Wrestling:

The Passing of The Italian Tank, his legacy and what people running shows can learn from him, Demirov is not a fan of Bulldog, We review the hype for The Beast vs The Hitman at this weekends NAW show, Brandon Taylor's cream cheese assisted promo for SWA, The utter stupidity of the Tournament of Hate 5 YouTube video, The planned history of PWA DVD and how Gambino fits in.


On ExTenZe:

Ben Cousins retires

Tila Tequila get pelted with crap and Jonesy has some choice words for the Juggalos

People getting shot in odd places

Harry Kewel goes nuts

Walker's after hours activities

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