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This week the captaincy of the good ship DCW is once again in dispute, Jonesy gets a big head after the success of the Danger/Skater interview, thoughts on UFC 117, is Sonnen the only person to ever give Silva a challenge? Did Sonnen sabotage himself? Is Silva scared of a rematch? Why Roy Nelson is the Homer Simpson of the MMA world, Why the current heavyweight division might be the best ever, is Matt Hughes' career in decline and whether hall of famers should continue to fight, what was the point of the TNA Hardcore Justice PPV? Why Francine was the only smart one, everyone should stop sucking up to Dixie Carter, Tommy Dreamer is the worst parent ever, Joel Gertner sure is a large man, Flair needs to keep his clothes on, why the post Hardcore Justice booking is horrible (Yes there are spoilers), Wade Barrett's hair, the final build to Summerslam and who might be the 7th member of team WWE, Why sending the fans home happy is not always a good idea and the JBL world tour.


In Aussie wrestling:

Footage of the TNA tryouts surfaces, is the war over or is something coming around the corner, news on a big Australian supershow in the works, Resurrecting GOE and Demirov's issue with the legacy of Wrestlerock DVD.


On ExTenZe:

The Andrew Lovett rape case

The proper test for boob perkiness

Jeff Kennet is at it again

How the finals are shaping up

The current radio ratings (We currently outrate MTR)

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