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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

Now with 37% more vitriol!


The team are fired up as Fresh, Walker, Demirov, Jonesy and Gambino talk about the week that was.

This Week:

An Exclusive statement on the future of Wrestlerock, Gambino talks about his last match, why Wrestlerock is important to Australian wrestling, Fresh calls out Gambino, Inside news on the big boxing scandal this week, Why 40 people is NOT a good sized crowd, The pot calling the kettle fat, Fresh’s tips for hair care, Could a wrestler be stepping into the ring against Danny Green? Is fresh going to quit watching TNA & WWE, Savage still a better promo than 99% of the current wrestlers, Is TNA on Pay Per View dead? Alpha declares war on ACW, local wrestlers living in a bubble, We review Circus Ox including what they improved on and what they have failed to do, Mike Manson’s camel toe, Why Reena Christina & Josh Shooter have a lot of potential, Who got booted from the most recent BPW show, Which wrestler is jumping ship to PCW and we debut the segment “Who’s worse” where we debate whether Sid is worse than Kevin Nash.


On ExTenZe

Bass joins us to discuss the week in TV

The Etihad Stadium surface

Random references to Heartbreak High

The new interchange rule

 The Top 5 Centre-Half Forwards of all time

The leaders debate why boat people are a lie


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