BAM Pro Wrestling Podcast
The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

Fresh, Demirov, Walker, Jonesy and special guest Derek “O-Town” Francis return to dissect the week in wrestling and MMA both locally and abroad.


This week:

Walker discusses his Facebook debut, Fresh lays into Benny English, Fresh continues to lay into Benny English, Backstabbing promoters, Are Wade Barrett’s visa issues going to ruin the Nexus angle? Has WWE been flat lining lately? Will bringing back the undisputed title help make titles matter in WWE? Who are ‘They’ and why can’t TNA stop them coming? There are only 7 angles in wrestling, The Cyborg/Finney fight and the finer art of boob punching, Is the real problem in women’s MMA the lack of high level fighters or the fact no one wants to see a woman get pummelled? Jonesy is nuggetty, Walkers first MMA fight, The colour supplements in old wrestling magazines, What does Fedor’s loss mean in the grand scheme of things? Lesnar’s return from the brink of death, The team makes their picks for Lesnar vs Carwin and talks a bit about Caribbean Gardens.


In Local wrestling:

Fresh reviews ACW and the longest tag match in human history, Fresh is a fan of Miss Cass, What is an acceptable rate to charge for a venue and a ring, The Herald Sun article and why it was damaging to Australian Wrestling, Circus Ox returns and we once again solve your online wrestling feuds by working our way through the “Who watches the Ravnos” saga.


On ExTenZe:

Germans picking their nose

The world cup is disappointing

The spherical and jovial Diego Maradona

NBA free agency speculation

Baker’s AFL Tribunal troubles

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