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Episode 22: The Man With No Suit

Fresh has returned and starts the show with a 30

minute rant on the state of the Australian wrestling

industry, use of post production on highlight videos,

the lack of respect going around, the ongoing civil war

in Melbourne, why 69er hates Fresh (A brief history),

His beef with Chris Trance and he clearly states his

stance on HSW and Alpha.

This week we also cover the end of Hall Watch and

the debut of the Matthew Milz memorial, Madison

"Knockout Killer' Rayne, General TNA stupidity, Why

Angle vs Kazarian was a bad idea, People giving up on

watching Raw, The return of Tommy Dreamer, Is the

Danielson firing a work or shoot? The followup to the

NXT invasion, Great car accidents in wrestling, The curse

of sponsorship, Penis vs Career, Liddell's retirement

and Franklin's broken arm, Demirov has a big

announcement, the resurgence of the Sydney wrestling

scene, AWF vs PWA, The death of Nightmare wrestling,

Gambino weight loss update, Bass: great ring

announcer/sucky commentator and Fresh's new

merchandising contract.

On ExTenZe:
World cup notes.
Grant Thomas' hair.
Lack of diversity in Football review shows.
Spank bank choice of the week.
NBA finals talk
La Parka punches a fan

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