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Episode 12: The Genius Behind...

Programming note: Due to a minor tech issue, the

audio quality on this week's show is of a slightly lower

standard than normal. This will be fixed by next

week’s show.

This week Walker, Demirov, Jonesy and the returning

Fresh discuss Demirov's tight shorts and how they

relate to Orlando Jordan, Fresh reveals masked

wrestlers secret identities, Did Jonesy wipe out Darwin?

Fresh takes credit for everything in Australian wrestling

ever, This week’s impact and has Russo done anything

of value in the last decade, Who could book TNA

better? The train wreck women’s segment that closed

Impact, Walker and Fresh bury women’s wrestling in

general, The passing of Kanyon and why he was held

back, Jack Swagger and more on money in the bank

as a redundant concept, Is it time to unify the world

titles, Fresh's Wrestlemania highlights, Is HBK the

greatest of all time? Why Roy Nelson is the man to

defeat Lesnar, Booking international talent for local

shows, Why Perth sucks, How Wrestlerock 19 was a

success and Mikey Jay is the MVP of Australian wrestling.

On ExtenZe
The ship that almost destroyed the great barrier reef

and its connection to Aussie wrestling
This week’s recipient of the Mark Williamson award
Why Mark Webber is a tool
Celebrities cheating on their wives

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