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Episode 57: The 'Fly

After a brief winter break the team has returned to deconstruct "The Scene" once more.

This week:

The reason for the hiatus, who's back in "The Scene", Jonesy's horrible MCW performance, did CM Punk return too early? The fate of the DCWBBL, WWE booking over the next few months, the Terri/New Jack breakup gets ugly, The legacy of the WWF Hardcore Title, Brian Pillman stories, Why Hardcore Justice and Mr Anderson suck, Walker is not a fan of Colt Cabana's podcast, "Scene" credit ratings, The greatest entranceway ever, NAW vs MCW vs PCWe, Bullying accusations, the code of the referee, Demirov gets worked by MCW booking, Shazza McKenzie rubs Jonesy's belly and why we need more ethnics in wrestling.

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