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The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

Another early edition of the DCW Variety Hour sees Fresh, Gambino, Mikey Jay and Jonesy continue their ongoing series of scandal and vicious rumors.


This Week:

Australian idiots in the front row at Impact, more notes on the Armageddon Expo, Jonesy nurses a broken heart, Foreskins and free passes, reflections on Shane Hero's stalkers, Sex dreams, Why no one likes Gambino, Mikey disrespecting photographers, The need for seperation between wrestlers and fans, the battle over the MCW name, Who is pissed off about the booking of Alpha talent on non Alpha shows? Fresh cuts a promo on Reena/Trina Christina, Kebabs vs Souvlakis, the first ever "Who's hotter" poll on the DCW page, WCW/WWF titles being used by Aussie feds, Gambino's shoot interview is mostly lies, Why were people so upset by Jacko Lantern bleeding at BPW? A discussion about Glee turns into a lengthy discourse on religion, the paranormal, Lanny Poffo and the Human Centipede, Fresh and Gambino share stories about the times people kicked the crap outta them and Fresh predicts doom for nearly every Melbourne wrestling company.

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