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Bonus Show: Mutant & Proud

The second annual Shimmer bonus show features "The Rate Tank" Kellie Skater & Leva Bates discussing all things wrestling and all things nerdy including:

Japanese love hotels, Skater's time working for Reina, cosplay disasters, memories of the Armageddon costume battle royal, people asking to "wrestle" on Facebook, social media and it's affect on indy wrestling, Skater's thoughts on the Glamour/LAW controversy, Leva discusses breaking into wrestling and training with Team 3D, getting chopped by Bully Ray, working TNA dark matches with Isis the Amazon, why Jessica Havok is the nicest person in the world, confidence being confused for bitchiness, arguments over butterbeer, dance show fails, Leva's secret Australian past, Skater on busting into hotel rooms at 3am & dancing, detailed breakdowns of the latest series of Dr Who, why Leva hates Amy Pond so much, Mia Svensson is racist, how Regeneration X started, Skater's anime fascination, odd Japanese cinema, Samurai Pizza Cats, Joshi entrance themes, rebooting super heroes, Harley Quinn vs Slave Leia, Florida fast food, Mr Anderson: Cupcake Ninja & the Rate Tank Workout System.

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