BAM Pro Wrestling Podcast
The former home of the controversial DCW Variety Hour now hosts a variety of audio shows from BAM! Wrestling and NHB Girls

A full panel of Fresh, Demirov, Walker, Gambino, Jonesy & Tye are drunk on orange crush and are here to bring the holiday cheer.


This week:

Big news of the WAO Supershow, The Carlo Cannon intervention, Gambino's fued with Cloggers, the status of The Fresh Factor, thoughts on The Miz as champion, Chelsea Handler, A special appearance by Lanny Poffo that has to be heard to be believed, Jim Demirov's annual Christmas message, a round table discussion on Ms Jenkins, we review the big DCW stories of the year, Mark Williamson calls in to discuss his issues with Jason Helton and Maniac, we name the DCW Australian wrestling rookie of the year, gay porn, Gambino has a minor break down about his ex girlfriend, Bass gets ambushed and interrogated via Skype, a brief history of DCW, the upcoming Sebastian Walker retrospective and the mystery of Miss Niki Nitro.

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