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 The BAM! Pro Wrestling Podcast: Episode 11

EPISODE 11 - "My goodt friend, The Great Khali"
Recorded: 8 August 2013

Bass, Adam & Mikey return to their mediocre ways with all the latest scene news and gossip mongering, about such items like:

- People stealing terms like "Goodt" and "Post Wrestling Depression"

- The recent WWE tour of Australia

- Trish Status: Tucked or untucked?

- Show recaps for PWWA, EPW & PCW, which all took place on August 3

- Shane Haste facing KENTA for the GHC Championship in September

- Hood brawls at the NAW Arena

Plus the team interview TMDK member Elliot Sexton, with a proper working microphone this time, about a variety of topics, including:

- His recent trip to the United States

- The process involved in getting a WWE tryout

- What he feels ultimately held him back from a contract

- Some of the hopefuls who weren't as fortunate

- Stories about the Great Khali

We also go for a round of Word Association, and then cover "What Sucks In Wrestling", "Gam.O" and the return of Raymond.

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