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Episode 30: Socks & Violence

Coming to you live from backstage at MCW we are joined by Evie and Marcus Pitt (With Elliot Sexton tanning himself in the background). This show is less of an interview and more of an interrogation as Gambino berates our guests with questions about Kiwi stereotypes, Improving wrestling in NZ and Perth, selling used socks and ring gear, creepy fan messages and that time Evie got KO'd in Shimmer. Pitt also tells us about the exact moment he gave up on his dream of hooking up with Eve Torres. We also have all the infighting, shenanigans and threats to quit the show that you have come to know and love.

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Episode 29: PffFikret

After almost six months of infighting, lawsuits, sex scandals & therapy the team finally return and try to talk about everything except wrestling. They are joined by JXT who attempts to talk about his career when he is not being constantly interrupted by non-wrestling talk.


This week:

Premature ejaculation & jizz anxiety..

The infamous JXT shoot interview and what he learnt from the aftermath..

The perception of NAW..

Who was confused for Jonesy's son..

JXT getting his start in Melton..

The dog collar match with Jake Navara..

The importance of setting goals..

Getting called out online during Tough Enough..

His family objecting to wrestling and why you should have a plan B..


Also this week:

Adam has an issue with Kevin Owen's armpits..

Why BAM is like Game of Thrones..

ROH and TNA on Destination America..

Punching fans in QLD..

Jessie McKay and KC Cassidy make it to NXT..


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Episode 28 - Send Me RKO Penis

Recorded: 12 February 2015


The team is back for 2015 with even more infighting that before. A lot has happened over the holiday break and we try valiantly to cover it all, including:

- What we did on our holidays

- Gambino gets fired up about online/fan lists

- Who won big in the Royal Rumble pools

- Gambino's love for Paige

- We evaluate Seth Rollins' Penis

- Matt Silva/Buddy Murphy wins NXT gold and then steals our name

- Gambino issues a challenge to an Australian wrestling legend

- A surprising #1 contender for the PWA title

- The leadership spill (Cue bitching about politics)

- People white knighting female wrestlers on Instagram

- Proper stink face etiquette

- We attempt to recap Splashdown

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EPISODE 27 - The Second Annual BAMMY Awards
Recorded: 22 December 2014

As the title would suggest, the time has come for the Second Annual BAMMY Awards! Bass, Adam and Mikey have pulled out all the stops here (mainly adding BJ back to the team), and awards are given out in several highly regarded categories, including:

- The Bitch Fight of the Year Award

- The Scene Abroad Award

- The Award for the Worst Award Award

- The Fresh Meat Award

- The Golden Wank Sock, Shirt & Towel Award

- The Podcast of the Year Award

- The Japan Japan Status Update of the Year Award

- The Shut Your C*** Award

There are other points of discussion too, including:

- The origins of BAM

- CM Punk going to UFC

- The Undertaker's new look

PLUS! An exclusive look into the annual WAO Splashdown event from Lakes Entrance, which runs way too long and will amuse nobody.

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After a long break between recordings (And another long break before editing (We've all got things going on.. YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD!!!)) we have returned for the penultimate show of 2014 where we rush to get through everything (Because Gambino has double booked himself) including:

- The CM Punk interview

- New Japan gets a network

- Gambino accidental sends someone a dick pic

- Bass attends the PCW anniversary dinner

- Whatever happened to Raymond

- Emma gets an action figure and why everyone hopes its is atomically (Not a spelling error) correct

-Silva and Rollins celebrate over a year abroad

- The guest Raw GM's are horrible

- All the Splashdown rumors ahead of the official announcements next show

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EPISODE 25 - A Rope to Remember
Recorded: 9 October 2014

Its time for more chit chat, and Bass, Adam & Mikey bring it in spades, including...

- A call to arms for anyone overseas who listens to the show

- Dropping the c-bomb into PPV titles, as opposed to actually discussing the shows coming up

- Future plans for Rusev

- What Bass likes about the WWE Network

- Jay's trip to Japan

- Why all the girls in Australia are suddenly in the States

- Gambino's love for Carls Jr

- An argument over flying

- The PWI Top 500

- Rope counts and electric fences

Plus, we discuss 'What Sucks in Wrestling' and possibly some other stuff...

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EPISODE 24 - Prince Drouin
Recorded: 27 May 2014

Three months following our last proper episode, Bass, Adam and Mikey are back with all new content and bickering, including:

- Gambino's biggest gripe about the WWE Network

- Who will Rusev face at Wrestlemania?

- How to rort the system during WWE's Australian Tours

- Gambino getting a WWE tryout

- Wrestle Rampage and the WWE tryouts

- How to carry yourself around the stars

- Global Force Wrestling moving into Australia

- Bass checking out New Japan Pro Wrestling

- Bass and Gambino havING a lengthy argument about towels, while Mikey mediates

- Podcast remorse towards other programs in Australia

The team also bring you 'Scenesters Abroad' and 'What Sucks in Wrestling.'

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The second installment of our legends series interview with Chris Fresh discussing his life and times within pro wrestling. This week we detail:

Becoming friends with Julian James

The origins of Wrestlerock

Puting the Wrestlerock title on Carnish

Angles that never happened

The failure to capitalize on the Dicko/Krackerjak match

The rise and fall of the DCW Variety Hour

How it caused personal conflicts

His frequent clashes with Gambino

His false start at MCW, why he left originally and why he returned

How he has changed as a person and a creative mind

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After a brief hiatus, BAM has returned with part 1 of their interview with one of Australian wrestling's most polarizing figures. Chris Fresh talks his life and career inside of wrestling including:

His first memories of watching wrestling.

Tape trading.

The failure that was the first show he ran.

Pitching ideas to Jim Demirov.

The rise and fall of All Star wrestling.

Being difficult to work with and running people out of the business.

Why PWA ran shows for the wrong reasons.

The enigma that is Julian James and getting in trouble commentating women's matches with him.

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EPISODE 23 - Budget Cuts
Recorded: 28 May 2014

In what seems to be a monthly series of episodes, Bass, Adam and Mikey (as well as Jonesy) are back, kicking the show off with...

- Budget 2014 discussion

- Is an early election the best thing for Australia?

After almost 17 minutes of political debate, they shift gears to professional wrestling, including...

- WWE Payback

- More Rusev man-love

- WWE losing money

- KENTA and Prince Devitt jump aboard

- The awesomeness that is Legends House

- The first ever Australian Wrestling Legends House Draft

- Bass's WWE bedding products

- The "Meet & Greet" with Emma contest

- Recaps of NHPW in Perth, and MCW Ballroom Brawl

The team also bring you 'Scenesters Abroad' and 'What Sucks in Wrestling' as well as some discussion about whether Jonesy has carved a path through the scene and if he's just keeping quiet about it.

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